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Our service includes:

Planning, design and ideas: it is much better and easier to work if you have an idea of how things should look. Furthermore, planning and sketching those ideas can only help and provide vital information that is necessary for the next step of the work. 

Protecting the roof and securing the foundations, especially if it is necessary to remove or rebuild parts of the walls. This is followed by electrical and/or plumbing installations. In the end, we insulate the ceilings, walls and floors.

Dealing with interior painting and other kinds of surface finishes that include putting the wallpapers on the wall, making or painting decorative moldings as well as other different detail-oriented requests.

When it comes to the furniture, options vary from designing and making the custom made furniture that matches your needs, to providing the exact kind of furnish that you want. Of course, that all goes with suggestions or consulting with our designers and decorators, who will help you to realize your ideas in the best and most satisfactory way. 


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